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As of October 17, 2008 the fire company has responded to 184 calls for the year.

 Check out our Call Information page for more details!  

2008  Alarms

January 20
February 15
March 21
April 20
May 15
June 22
July 22
August 22
September 15
October 10
November 0
December 0





Please Keep In Mind

If you see an emergency vehicle with its red lights flashing or a personal vehicle with a blue light flashing, please yield the right-of-way by pulling to the right and coming to a complete stop. These emergency service personnel are responding to an emergency. By yielding the right-of-way you allow a faster and safer response for these individuals. 

...Because who knows, the next house they respond to may be yours! 

Fund Drive 2008

The New Hanover Fire Company would like to thank those who have responded to this years fund drive.

As of 04-03-2008 we have received 506 responses!

The New Hanover Township Fire Company No.1 Proudly Accepts Donations From The United Way. If Interested In Making A Donation, Contact the United Way And Give Them Our ID Number, Which Is 5196

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